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Az Istentisztelet minden Vasárnap délelőtt 11 órakor kezdődik előbb angol, aztán magyar nyelven, külön textusok alapján, különböző Igehirdetésekkel.

Vasárnapi iskola
Sunday School

Minden fiatalt szeretettel várunk az Istentisztelet alatt tartott Vasárnapi Iskolába. Az iskola 11:30-kor kezdődik, tanítjuk a hittant és a magyar nyelvet. magyarul és angolul is.

Bible Study

Minden hónap harmadik vasárnapján, a Családi Vasárnap keretében, az ebéd után interaktív bibliaiskolát tartunk. Minden érdeklődőt szertetettel várunk!

Congregational life

Reverend Albert Hady in the 1951 Yearbook "Isten nevben indultunk... alig mertk lmodni is, hogy Los Angelesben valamikor szp Magyar gylekezet ds kalszai teszik szebb az letet; desebb a mindennapi kenyeret." We began in God`s name, and little did we dream...

In writing the history of our congregation, there is the danger of looking at the big things and recording dates, names and events, and ignoring the fellowship, the small things and thousand kindnesses that members have shown to each other and their neighbors. For many members of our congregation, making the transition from their lives in Hungary to their new lives in the United States was wrought with hardship, pain and loneliness. Many left behind parents, siblings and other loved ones, all perhaps never to be seen again. They left behind the lives they had, the individuals they had been in their villages and cities and were often forced to become someone else in a strange country. Many faced unimaginable hardships as they put together a new life. For these people, the Magyar church with its Magyar life, became a lifeline in their adopted homeland.

It is the fellowship, the little things, the thousand kindnesses in a church that give a visitor the feel for a congregation, that constitute the grease that makes the machinery of a church move more graciously and smoothly. By definition, these things are not very visible. They rarely rate newspaper space or the eye of a television. Sometimes though, they might be captured on camera. The following pictures give an idea of the Magyar fellowship, and hopefully reveal the little things and thousand kindnesses that have added special meaning to people in the First Church over the years.

Some of the photos are of significant celebrations, like the Templomszentels on April 13, 1930. Many of the older photos are posed, but the kinship, the ties between friends resonate across the pages. In more recent years, the photos capture spontaneous events in the life of the First Church. The photos from our albums reveal that we have spent our time not just at worship, but also in fellowship with our church family.

The photos will show that we break bread together -- at least monthly, and celebrate holidays with music, poetry and songs. We thank Lajos Molnr and Anna Egyd for the times they have sung and said poertry at these occasions. The piano music at these events for many years has been provided by Margaret Saltzer, later by Emilia Chovn, among others. We thank these two individuals, both former organists at the First Church as well as Marian Csnky, also a former organist. We also thank Helen Stefl and Adl Tth for the flowers they have brought and continue to bring and arrange for the Altar throughout the past decade. We are grateful for the strength that we have drawn from several Chief Elders since 1987, Margaret Saltzer and Dr. Bla Bir who worked indescribably hard to keep our congregation moving forward. Gza Csnky should also be mentioned for his contributions. We are grateful to Betty Warga for the work she did as Church Treasurer for many years. We thank Zoltn and Erzsbet Elekes for making innumerable contributions to various projects. We are grateful to people like Rick Hoft, Zsuzsa and Tibor Sarkny for letting us know we could count on them when needed. We also thank our former members, and children of members who have passed away for also providing prayer and encouragement on a regular basis.

The Annual Fall Bazaar is an event that is still going strong we include the flyer from 1938 in this booklet to show how some traditions may change but still they stay the same. Weve had a Spring Bazaar too, for longer than anyone can remember. These events over the years have been primarily organized by the Womens Guild, which for more than 10 years now has been headed faithfully by Ilona Garai, with strong support from many people including Margaret Badacsonyi, Tnde Bcsa, Piroska Castillo, va Fox, Tnde Garai, Ibolya Hudk, Etta Nagy, Susan Rill, Helen Stefl, Adl Tth, Betty Warga. In addition to the Womens Guild, Regular Bazaar helpers for a good number of years have been members and friends of our congregation including vike Bagoly, Dr. Bla Biro, va Bagoly Castillo, Hilrion Castillo, Anthony Cariaga, Dr. Carmen Hoft, Ferenc, Ibolya, Viktor and Eszter Hudk, Bill, Jim and Pearl Kovch, Jasmine Laubender, Rose Marie Markus, Anette Vanila.

Over the past decade, we have instituted several mission projects that we believe fill a need. Nearly 10 years ago, we began a regular Toy Drive project, where we collected and bought toys and clothes and sent them to a number of places in Hungary that house severely disabled children and young adults. Interex Export and owner Mikls Perehzy generously shipped what we collected at no charge. We at the First Church discovered that in showing this kindness, the blessing in giving was first to us, the giver. This past summer, instead of the toys, we thought the need might be better served if we raised funds, so we held a Musical Luncheon and sold tickets. Providing the music as their donation to the project were the distinguished piano and violin team of Lszl and Mria Cser. The funds we raised were sent to the Kertvrosi Reformtus Egyhz in Nyregyhza to help their ministry program for the elderly, and the Szeretet Otthon in Sajsenye to help their ministry program for the disabled. Also this year, we raised funds for flood victims in Eastern Hungary. We have recently instituted a children`s Hungarian language study group spearheaded by Tnde Bcsa that seems to fill a strong need. The children learn Hungarian language skills and poetry, and it is our hope that with God`s help, this fledgling program will thrive.

In thinking of our future, our prayers are remarkably similar to what Reverend Antal Szab wrote in the 1966 Yearbook "pitsnk tovbbra is arra a fundamentumra, amely vettetett, amely a Jzus Krisztus, hogy letnkre lds, Isten nevre dicssg trjen!" Let us continue to build on the foundation that was sown, which is Jesus Christ, so that our lives are blessed, and that glory be given to God`s name.

We at the First Church face the future with challenges, but also confidence and hope. Most of all, we face the future with God`s promise of his presence, His promise to address us and to lead us as we are faithful.

"Te benned biztunk eleitől fogva"

Young and Old...

Chief Elders:
János Décsmán 1926-1932 
Gusztáv Homuller 1933 
János Brunner 1933-1951
János Nagy 1952-1953 
András Fodor 1954 – 1957 
Imre Bodnár 1958-1970 
Károly Hangyássy 1972-1982 (Magyar) 
Howard Records 1971-1974 (English) 
András Márton 1975-1979 (English) 
Ferenc Hudák 1980-1981 
Zoltán Elekes 1982 
István Benkő 1983 
Zoltán Péntek 1984-1985 
Gondnoki Bizottság Nov. 1985-Mar. 1987

Miklós Kincses 
Erzsébet Sovincs 
Margaret Saltzer

Intéző Bizottság Mar. 15-June 26 1987

Margaret Saltzer
Dr. Béla Biró

Dr. Béla Biró 1987-1989
Margaret Saltzer Oct. 1, 1989-Jan. 1990
Dr. Béla Biró Feb. 1990-Aug. 1999
Géza Csánky Sept.1999-Mar.2001
Tünde Garai Apr. 2001 –

Mrs. Albert Hady 1926 – 1946
Margaret Szabó 1946-1949
Margaret (Szabó) Szaltzer 1949-1953
Magda Sovincz 1953-1959
Margaret Saltzer 1959- Aug. 1990
Emilia Chován Fall 1990-Mar. 1998
Csánky Marian Apr. 1998-Apr. 2001

Choir Directors:
The First Church Organists 1926-1961
Sándor Bory Sept. 1961-Jul.1963
Mrs. Albert Hady Nov. 1963-Feb.1965
Sándor Bory Sept. 1965-May 1966
Kató Saltzer May 1966-1970
Margaret Saltzer 1970-1981

Women’s Guild Presidents:
Scheible Jánosné 1926
Mágory sándorné 1927
Spisák Jánosné 1928-Oct.1928
Vrana Gyuláné Oct.1928-Dec.1928
Csathó Istvánné 1929-1930
Galbavy Józsefné 1931-1936
Köpeczy Józsefné 1937-May 1938
Spisák Jánosné 1938-1942
Tudor Dánielné 1943-1946
Sovincs Lajosné 1947-1951
Oláh Józsefné 1952
Nagy Jánosne 1953
Pói Bertalanné (Réthy Lajosné) 1954-1955
Torma Józsefné 1956
Réthy Lajosné 1957
Sovincz Lajosné 1958-1959
Szakál Sándorne (Tudor Dánielné) 1960-1961
Biro Sándorné 1962-1963
Sovincz Lajosné 1964-1982
Grecz Gyuláné 1982
Zsuzsa Pálinkás 1984
Ilona Garai 1985
Péntek Zoltánné 1986
Ilona Garai Jun. 1986


God Bless All of You and See You Again Soon!
Our church`s ability to pay the bills, make repairs and keep up our building is completely dependent on God`s grace, your prayers,time and donations. May God bless everyone who supports our church!


Egyházunk fennmaradásához bízunk Isten kegyességében, pártolóink imáiban, és adományaiban. Köszönünk minden adományt.
Our church's ability to exist is completely dependent on God`s grace, your prayers, time and donations. We are grateful for all donations.



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