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Az Istentisztelet minden Vasárnap délelőtt 11 órakor kezdődik előbb angol, aztán magyar nyelven, külön textusok alapján, különböző Igehirdetésekkel.

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Minden fiatalt szeretettel várunk az Istentisztelet alatt tartott Vasárnapi Iskolába. Az iskola 11:30-kor kezdődik, tanítjuk a hittant és a magyar nyelvet. magyarul és angolul is.

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Minden hónap harmadik vasárnapján, a Családi Vasárnap keretében, az ebéd után interaktív bibliaiskolát tartunk. Minden érdeklődőt szertetettel várunk!

Our Pastors

The Reverend Albert Hady was the first pastor of the First Church, and officially served from August 1, 1926 until ill health forced him to retire 20 years later in 1946.

He was born in 1895 in Szatmrmegye, and it was in the 1920's that he came to the United States. At that time, the Hungarian economy was in chaos and life and the future seemed bleak. Many Hungarians left their homeland for America to try and make a better life. Such was the case with Albert Hady.

Before coming to Los Angeles for during the summer of 1925, he taught at the church school at the Hungarian Reformed Church in Buffalo, New York. As a seminary student on vacation but also with the notion of church-planting, he spent the entire summer of 1925 in Los Angeles meeting and contacting other Hungarians. His persistence paid off and he quickly pulled together a group of Hungarians of all denominations, and every Sunday throughout the summer, he conducted Istentisztelet in Hungarian. At summers end, he returned to Lancaster, Pennsylvania to complete his studies and degree. Before he left, the small group of Hungarians made him absolutely promise - Igrje meg! - that he would return to become their pastor once he finished school. His studies in Lancaster were not easy - he was still learning English while completing his Bachelor of Arts, then his Master of Theology. It was with this degree in hand that he returned to Los Angeles in June of 1926, and on August 1, 1926 he and the people he had left behind the previous year formally organized the First Hungarian Reformed Church of Los Angeles. He was officially installed as pastor in a formal ceremony in front of his congregation, on June 28, 1928.

Albert Hady was a pioneering Hungarian pastor who successfully planted a church and spent his entire 20-year pastoral call building the congregation and nurturing Magyar culture and the Magyar Reformed faith. Almost immediately upon the founding of the church, he worked to establish a Choir, a Women's Guild, a Bible Group and a Youth Group, and also began publication of the Church newspaper - all of which served to preserve Hungarian spiritual and cultural life among his flock in their adopted homeland. It was under his leadership in 1930 that the congregation purchased their first home at 1101 West Florence Avenue. In 1946, again under his leadership, the congregation purchased a parsonage. It was because of Albert Hady's successful church-planting efforts that other Hungarian churches, including Hungarian churches of other denominations, were founded later in California. It was under Albert Hady's pastoral care that the congregation generated and fulfilled an action program to help Hungary during WW II. The work of the church was so successful, that it was recognized by the Los Angeles chapter of the Red Cross for raising the most funds from all of LAs participating churches.

After several years of declining health, Albert Hady retired in June of 1946. He passed away in April of 1970 after a lengthy illness. He and his wife, Ilona Dcsmn Hady were much loved by the congregation as well as the entire Magyar Los Angeles community. Reverend Hady's years of hard work won him many friends and admirers both Hungarian as well as American. He preached dynamic sermons and was a man of tremendous faith and energy who successfully inspired others to work alongside him in building a future for the First Church and the community. Mrs. Hady actively worked with Reverend Hady during his entire 20-year service to the First Church. She served as Choir Director and Organist for 2 decades, and remained an active member of the congregation until she passed away in 1998 at the age of 92.

The congregation's second long-time pastor was a classmate and good friend of Reverend Albert Hady. Reverend Antal Szab received his call from the First Hungarian Reformed Church in January of 1946, and began serving in June of that year. He served the congregation 23 years.

He was born on May 29, 1900 in Szatmrmegye, which became part of Romania in 1920. In 1921 he and his wife, Mria Bakk Szab left their home for the United States. He attended seminary with Albert Hady in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, then in Dayton, Ohio. He was installed as pastor in 1927 at the McKeesport First Hungarian Reformed Church. He came to Northern California shortly thereafter, and worked hard to plant churches in the San Francisco-Oakland area. In the meantime, he obtained a Master of Theology at the Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley. In 1931, he went to Perth Amboy, New Jersey as a substitute pastor and at the request of the congregation there, ended up staying 10 years. He went to Homestead, Pennsylvania for 2 years, but returned to Perth Amboy, where he felt the need seemed greater. In 1946, he was called to the First Hungarian Reformed Church of Los Angeles until his retirement in 1969. After his retirement, from 1971 until 1974, he served as the pastor of the San Fernando Valley Hungarian Reformed Church. He was instrumental in keeping that church going through a period of great difficulty, and retired finally in 1974.

It was under Reverend Szab's leadership that the First Church on Florence Avenue underwent many improvement and expansion projects, including the installation of the beautiful stained glass windows. Among many improvements, the congregation during these years also purchased a modern Baldwin organ to replace the ancient foot-pump organ that Mrs. Hady had toiled on for 20 years. Reverend Szab in 1963 visited a remarkable 518 people - in fact, many people can still recall his caring home visits. He baptized, confirmed, married and said funeral prayers for countless Hungarians in Los Angeles during his 23 years as pastor. The Christmas and Easter services required that extra chairs be set up for the overflow crowds that would come to hear his meaningful and carefully crafted sermons. In addition to the Hungarian services, he instituted English services for members of the congregation who spoke better English than Hungarian, but who in their hearts remained Magyar and wanted to attend a Magyar church.

Reverend Szab and the congregation welcomed the Hungarian refugees from WW II, then 10 years later, the refugees from the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. English services were expanded, the Youth Groups and Choir flourished and other fellowship groups like the Harmony Club, and the Martha Circle were founded.

Reverend Antal Szab is remembered in the 1990 Calvin Synod Herald by Reverend Szabolcs Klmn as a pastor who served. Reverend Szab was a Magyar pastor who studied theology in the United States, but remained a part of and served among the Magyar community. Reverend Szabolcs writes that Reverend Antal Szab was not argumentative, did not create dissent, did not offend - he served. He was the person who listened patiently to everyone, made peace, and did not put his concerns above those of others. With the active assistance of his wife, Mrs. Szab, Reverend Szab served his community faithfully and effectively. He stayed fresh and current in theological matters until the very end. He and his wife were much loved and tremendously respected by the community. He passed away in 1990 after a brief illness. Mrs. Szab passed away October of 1996.

Other pastors who served the First Church were Alajos Krisik, who served for 7 months in 1932, while Reverend Hady was called to serve temporarily at a Hungarian Reformed Church in Fairport Harbor, Ohio. In the 1950's, the First Church was served by several very capable Youth Pastors - Reverend Knut Gundersen, from 1954-1955 and Reverend Frank Juhsz Shepherd from 1955-1957.

After Reverend Szabó retired, Reverend Gyula Pal served the congregation from 1969-1981. The 1970's were times of great change. Reverend Pal was a recognized scholar during his seminary days in Hungary and later studied at Princeton and Lehigh University in the US. A serious theologian, he preached strong, scholarly and relevant sermons based on important Biblical teachings. He passed away on November 18, 2001 in Pennsylvania. Reverend Sándor Patócs served from 1982-1987, times of more change for the congregation. After March of 1987 several pastors served the congregation for short periods - György Nagy, for three months at the end of 1989. Ferenc Gal for from 1990-1991. A number of guest pastors have served the congregation, among them the Reverends Sándor and Mária Babos, Dr. Lászlo Berzeviczy, István Danyi, Szabolcs Kálmán, Héthalmi Pth Károly, Dr. Jakab Morsk, Bálint Nagy, Sándor Németi, Sándor Oláh, Sándor Szabo, and Dezső Trombits.

In 1991, the Reverend Dr. Béla Bónis began serving our congregation as Supply Pastor. During that time, also purchased and moved into our new church home here in Hawthorne. Our congregation was blessed to have been able to serve God for more than a decade with Dr. Bla Bnis, who retired at the end of 2002 at the age of 85.

In 2003, after a long pastoral search process and with the assistance of our Hungarian Calvin Synod, our congregation elected a new pastor - the Reverend Istvn Kacs. We are elated to have Reverend Kacs with us. This heralds a fresh and blessed period in our history, as Reverend Kacs follows a tradition of the much-loved and respected pastors who have served our congregation and the Los Angeles community.

Reverend Kacsó has pastoral experience with Hungarian congregations in Hungary, Erdly, Serbia
and other places in Europe, and more recently was a pastor of The American Hungarian Reformed Church in Allen Park, Michigan. He has a broad-based educational background that includes several advanced degrees in Theology, Philosophy, and American Studies from universities in Europe and the USA. He is well known for his inspirational, powerful and compelling sermons based on deeply rooted Biblical teachings. Each Sunday, he preaches two different sermons both in English and in Hungarian that reflect issues that are applicable to our daily lives, and seek to nurture a balanced way of living in today's world that is pleasing to God.

We are tremendously grateful to God for giving our congregation and Reverend Kacs this opportunity to serve. We hope that He will continue to abundantly bless the work that we do together, and that everyone who worships with us will come to share our joy in serving Him and each other. In the process, we hope that each one of us will be able to answer our deepest inner call and discover who God calls us to be.


God Bless All of You and See You Again Soon!
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Our church's ability to exist is completely dependent on God`s grace, your prayers, time and donations. We are grateful for all donations.



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