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Los Angeles & The World -- 1926 to Today

LOS ANGELES, August 1, 1926 - (Sunday) -

The temperature reached a moderate 80 degrees, the overnight low was 62, the wind blew at speeds up to 9 miles an hour, and the skies were clear.

The Los Angeles Times newspaper from August 1, 1926 reported that Los Angeles was to be hosting 9000 delegates from all over the US for various conventions that were to be held in the City during August and September. Also making the news that day was that the Southern California chapter of the National Aeronautic Association met at the Ambassador Hotel to plan flights and make the skies safer for air travel. Willem Van Hollander performed at the Hollywood Bowl the night before. The Times also reported that the LA Public Library downtown was just completed, and that plans were under way for a new City Hall once a lawsuit against the State was won which would allow an increase to the building height. Power use had doubled in Los Angeles in the past 5 years. The Citys population stood at around 1.3 million people. There was a housing shortage, despite an increase in building permits over 1925. A Los Angeles department store advertised a womans dress for $1.50 and shoes for $3.50. In a classified ad for a car, someone was asking $450 for a hardly used `26 Ford. A real estate speculator hawked income producing citrus estates, the Million Dollar Theater downtown was showing "The Son of the Sheik" starring Rudolph Valentino, and the starlet of the day was Gilda Gray. Prohibition, a national law that banned beer, wine and liquor was 6 years old, and the LA Times on Sunday August 1, 1926 ran a story screaming that contraband liquor was flooding California.

Of interest to perhaps more people in 1926 was that President Calvin Coolidge, despite some foreshadowing of the Great Depression that was to come in 1929, announced that "business looks cheerful", inflation was at 0%, and unemployment was at 1.8%. Although telephones had been in the White House for many years, the instrument would not actually be on the President`s desk until the Stock Market crash of 1929. Still, according to Herbert Hoover, Secretary of Commerce in 1926, Americans were enjoying the highest standard of living in the Nations history. The first movie with sound had just been demonstrated, and many top movie stars, Greta Garbo among them, had to learn English with the advent of the "talkies." Scotch tape, zippers, pop-up electric toasters, TWA, a coin bearing the image of a living president made their first appearances. A new machine called "television" had just been demonstrated in London. Americans on August 1, 1926 were celebrating Babe Ruth`s 33rd homer of the year.

The biggest international news appearing in newspapers in 1926 was that Mussolini had abolished political parties in Italy, Trotsky admitted defeat and bowed to the Stalin group as leaders of the USSR, and Joseph Goebbels had been appointed to the head of the Berlin Nazi Party. In Hungary, the nation`s only munitions works exploded, killing 24, and injuring 300.

Also in Hungary that year, the Treaty of Trianon was 6 years old, and Admiral Mikls Horthy was Regent. Trianon had stripped Hungary 2/3 of her territory, the economy was in a shambles, and many Hungarians were suddenly living under foreign domination.

Besides all this, although the local or international press apparently did not notice, on August 1, 1926, The First Hungarian Reformed Church of Los Angeles was officially established.

Since 1926, the population of Los Angeles County has grown to more than 10 million, the original LA Public Library downtown has recently undergone a significant addition, and LA City Hall was in fact built and has just been seismically retrofitted. Television sets can now be found in more than 98% of homes in the US. The world witnessed years of tyranny and foreign domination in Hungary, the Hungarian Revolution in 1956, then finally the 1989 downfall of communism. But now as in 1926, freedom and world peace again appear to be threatened by political fanatics, but this time not in Europe but in the Middle East.

Unlike 1926, where even the President did not have a telephone on his desk, almost every house today has at least one telephone. Technological advances and computers have profoundly changed the way we live. Cell phones, pagers, personal computers, laptops, voice-mail, call-waiting and more, have become standard items in many of today`s households.

For more events throughout the life of the First Hungarian Reformed Church of Los Angeles, please continue reading.


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Egyházunkhoz - a 405-ös fwy-ről az El Segundo Blvd. lejáratnál forduljon kelet felé az El Segundo Blvd.-on. Elhagyván a Hawthorne Blvd-ot, a 6. sarok balra York Avenue (Prairie Ave. előtt). Majdnem az El Segundo és York saroknál találhatják sárga templom épületünket.
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